Kaleidoscope Productions Inc. is a visual communications studio specializing in motion graphics, print design and video post-production. We work with companies, corporations, ad agencies, non-profit organizations and individuals to finely tune visual communications strategies and effectively get their message to their audience on a variety of visual mediums.

Every project that comes to Kaleidoscope Productions Inc. is unique and is treated as such.  Whether it is involves developing a new on-air look and network rebrand for the province's newest television network (SCN) - or - producing video, graphics and animation packages for playback in stadium during Saskatchewan Roughrider home games.

We take pride, not only in the finished product, but in the on-going support and attention to detail that we provide. Every project we deliver is a reflection of our passion and dedication to our valued clients.

The beginning.

A few freelance gigs led to a couple of contracts and resulted in a labour of love for Andrew Kaytor - founder of Kaleidoscope Productions Inc.

For over a past decade, Andrew Kaytor has been designing for visual mediums -- from print to television to web and mobile devices.  With a background and education in print & graphic design, his passion (and fortunate timing) lead him into the world of motion graphics and design for on-screen applications.  From there, his experience working with advertising agencies, television networks and multi-media production companies has enabled him to build a portfolio of ad campaigns, logos/brands, TV network graphics packages, GUI's and websites that have become a part of everyday use across the country.

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